Our wide range of services

We offer a broad variety of services for businesses as well as private persons. From Start-ups to established corporations to the termination of business closures – all your requirements are met by our spectrum of services. We are happy to provide you with more detailed information in person.


Tax consulting

With professional, competent, and customised consultation we support you in all your tax-related needs. We provide tax-optimised solutions and improve your economic potential.

  • Tax-optimised planning
  • Representation before all tax authorities
  • Consultation and representation during audits, including joint audit of wage-dependent levies (GPLA)
  • Consultation and representation at financial criminal proceedings
  • Revision of tax assessments
  • Drafting and filing of legal remedies: complaints, requests of remittance, requests for revision, requests for resumption and reinstatement
  • Advice on labour law and social security law-related matters
  • Various filings: application for facilitation of payments, deferrals, reductions, timeline extensions
  • Regular updates on tax-related changes

Annual financial statement

We determine your economic status and provide you with valuable information. Thus, we provide an overview of your past corporate performance and allow for a timely planning for the future.

  • Preparation of balance statements and revenue & expenditure accounting
  • Preparation of surplus management accounting, tax statements and employee tax assessments
  • Preparation of short term profit statements
  • Preparation of disclosures for the company register
  • monthly and quarterly comparisons – periodic comparisons


Our team of experts efficiently handles all your accounting-related needs. Due to the periodic evaluation of your accounting, we provide a constant overview of the economic development of your business.

  • Monthly or quarterly processing of bills and receipts
  • Preparation of the bookkeeping including random bill/receipt checks
  • Preparation of turnover tax advance returns
  • Management of outstanding ledgers
  • Management of asset accounting
  • Continuously balance accounts
  • Preparation of account balancing sheets
  • Calculate current taxes such as the Austrian car registration tax (“NoVA”), the “Kammerumlage” and motor vehicle tax

Payroll accounting

We prepare your payroll records in a reliable and timely manner. Our team is happy to advise you in all labour law and social security law-related matters. Due to our continuous further education and advanced training, we stay abreast of this highly complex field.

  • Preparation of the monthly payroll accounting
  • Calculation of the current wage taxes
  • Registration, deregistration and amendment filings to the health insurance providers
  • Reporting of the current taxes to the respective authorities
  • Advice on the current payroll accounting
  • Calculation of the renumeration for vacation, sick days and public holidays
  • Representation at wage tax audits or social security audits
  • Calculation of severance payment provisions
  • Advice on the structure and drafting of employment contracts, service contracts and freelance contracts
  • Submission of third-party debtor declarations
  • Preparation of annual pay slips and submission thereof to the tax authorities
  • Preparation and submission of municipal tax declarations and employer’s levy (DGA-Erklärung)
  • Support in all proceedings at the Chamber of Labour (Arbeiterkammer)

Start-up advice

We support you in all stages of the establishment of your business. Based on our many years of experience, we create a bespoke business plan with you. We bring your visions to life and set the foundation for your success.

  • Legal form optimization
  • Company establishment
  • Assistance at bank discussions and financing-related matters
  • Preparation of business, financial and liquidity plans
  • Advice on start-up support subsidies
  • Revision and advice on various contracts: articles of association, financing contracts, sales contracts and lease agreements